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Before You Apply

Who can apply?

Any U.S. Higher Education Institution may apply. Each application effectively serves as an application for the entire University or Institution; applications are not made on behalf of a single school or college within a larger institution. One of the goals of Diplomacy Lab is to encourage interdisciplinary study within Universities or Institutions. Colleges or schools within Universities or Institutions are encouraged to collaborate together in their Diplomacy Lab research projects.

The DL Coordinator serves as the administrator of Diplomacy Lab for the University or Institution. They will be in charge of the administration of the partnership. The DL Coordinator serves as the primary point of contact in all matters including, but not limited to: corresponding with faculty and staff, maintaining regular contact with all POCs (with the Department of State and school), and partnership support.

This should be a high level official within the University or Institution who is fully authorized to commit the University or Institution to participate in the DL partnership. If the University or Institution is selected to participate in DL, the Authorizing Official will also sign the DL Memorandum of Understanding with the State Department.

We encourage you to reach out to us here for a consultation before you submit your application. It’ll help you get to know the program better and make sure it’s right for your institution. We look forward to hearing from you!